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Gaiola Dourada

Storytellers, Creative and Emotional destination Weddings, Editorial, Lifestyle videography and photography.

Director / Filmmaker

Diogo Branco

Diogo Branco, I was born in Lisbon in the late 80’s. Inspired by the good things in life and the constant challenge that life offers us. Later I explored in Video and Film Production at Etic School in Lisbon, and since then I have worked in agencies and production companies such as videographer and production.


I don’t like to limit myself to what is often done. I like unique, non-standard reports in photography or video. For this reason, all my works are personalized and individual, but the handwriting is always recognizable. Any work is unique, and the approach must be customized so that each video has its own unique style and atmosphere.

"I like the impossible because the competition is less."
Walt Disney

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  • Weddings & Engagements
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